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Well, I am just starting to make triple border backgrounds
I love these things!

The only way I know how to get these to you is to give the HTML file
I use Netscape Composer to make all my pages, it is
what I started with and you know the saying you can't teach
an old dog new tricks? My husband has Dreamweaver 2 and I
have loaded these HTML files into it and they come out the same
as in Netscape Composer so I hope they will work in all the others.

I have zipped all the files you need, these include all the graphics
you will see on the page. You can use what you want, you 
don't have to use all of them. The HTML file is there also. You can load it 
into your program and add your text, images, etc...
I hope that's the way it will work anyway :)

If anyone knows a better way then let me know please?
And the rules are the same, if you use any of these graphics
put my link on the page where you used them.
Thank You

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